Exhibition: May 2014 - August 2014 - Landface Underscene - Dan Narayanan


Maitreya sample 1 - Coralscape

I have recently developed a love of photography, which for me is a great blend of technology, creativity, and physics.
I also build tilt-shift lenses occasionally, and am pleased to include a photo in the collection which was taken using one of these. I hope this exhibition conveys some of my fascination in all things, big or small, and gives a bit of insight into my privileged perspective of the world. 
The landscapes are from a variety of different places; the Lake District, California, northern Norway, and Somerset. 
Seeing them together makes me think of the huge range of environments on our planet which are literally worlds apart, but are independently stunning. The underwater photos were taken in the Phillippines. I am amazed by the variety of colours and life undersea, but find it even more incredible that when you focus on a small area you invariably find hundreds of different organisms living symbiotically in their mini-universes. It’s the same on land when you care to stop and look, but can be difficult to remember this during our busy lives. 
During 2012 my wife and I did some voluntary work in Nepal, and after taking some Nepalese lessons we connected much better with local people. The village we stayed in, Arnakot Deurali, has a small hydroelectric power plant which (being an energy engineer) I found fascinating. Using my broken Nepalese I conducted a survey of energy use in people’s homes there to help the management team understand some problems with the power plant, and was able to get a few portraits along the way. We also visited a remote valley, Dhorpatan, which has a small number of people living there, mostly of Tibetan origin. The difference between these people’s lives and our own is vast, but there is a simplicity and connection with nature which I find inspiring. I hope that these portraits reveal a little of the environment and way of life there through the expressions and complexion of young and old faces. Proceeds from sale of any of these portraits will be donated to the voluntary organisation we worked for in Nepal (see www.arnakotdeurali.org for more details). 
All images are for sale as hi-res Giclée prints in a range of sizes; either limited edition signed & framed, or print only. 
There are different options for framing also if you want this – please ask me! 
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