Daytime Menu

Breakfast 10am - 12pm

Full veggie and vegan cooked breakfasts, plus hot and cold breakfast specials, and kid's options available.
Check menu boards for full details.


Lunch Menu 12pm - 3pm

Seasonal Soup v/g
Please refer to the blackboard for the today's soup, served with homemade bread £4.95


Maitreya Mezze v
Homemade flat bread, marinated olives, roast peppers, beetroot hummous, and tomato confit £6.95

Maitreya Burger v/n
Homemade succulent burgers bursting with nuts, beans and spices
Served with chunky wedges, homemade sweetcorn relish, and 'slaw £7.95
Add your choice of cheddar, goat cheese, smoked cheese, or halloumi for £1

Sun dried tomato, pistachio and butterbean pate v/n
Served with beetroot and tomato chutney, cornichons and toast £4.95

Spiced Blackeye Bean Burrito
Served with smoked cheddar, roast tomato salsa, sour cream and quinoa salad £7.95




Chunky wedges v/g £2.50

Mixed leaf salad with balsamic and maple dressing v/g £3.75

Roast beetroot and goat cheese g £3.95


Children's versions of lunches and breakfasts available.

Cakes & Desserts

See our counter selection of delicious home-baked cakes


Our menus are constantly changing with seasonality and availability of ingredients, so check our boards for daily specials and updates, plus our Sunday Roast option.


Symbol guide

All our food is suitable for vegetarians

v = Vegan (or vegan option)
= Gluten free (or gluten free option)
= Wheat free (or wheat free option)
= Contains nuts (unfortunately we cannot guarantee that other dishes do not contain nuts or traces of nuts)

At Maitreya Social we cater for the above dietary restrictions. We will try to accommodate other requirements but please check beforehand!

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Its always best to book a table in the evening as we are often full.
Telephone:  0117 951 0100

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