Brunch  served Friday & saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Maitreya Breakfast £6.95 g 
Poached egg, roasted field mushroom, veggie sausage, buttered spinach, grilled tomatoes, baked beans & toast

Vegan Breakfast £6.50  v g
Roasted field mushrooms, veggie sausage, sautéed spinach, grilled tomatoes, baked beans & toast

Mega Breakfast £7.95 g
Two poached eggs, fried halloumi, roasted field mushrooms, veggie sausage, spinach, tomatoes, baked beans & toast

Spiced potato hash browns, spinach, poached eggs, dukkah & chilli sauce £6.95 g

Soup of the day £4.95   v g

Maitreya salad plate £7.50   v g

Maitreya burger, chunky wedges & slaw £7.95 (+ cheese £1)   v g n

Open Sourdough Bagels (Gluten free option available)
Halloumi, chilli aioli & severn project leaves £6.50 
Imam bayildi, crispy onions & mint £6.50 
Whipped goat’s cheese, black olive tapenade & sun blushed tomatoes £6.50 
Charred portabello mushrooms, spinach, poached eggs & truffle oil £6.95 


Chunky wedges £2.95  v g                           
Mixed Severn Project leaves £3.75   v g          
Balsamic roast beetroot & goats cheese £3.95 g


We have a selection of homemade cakes, desserts & ice creams. Please ask for today’s choices.

Symbol guide

All our food is suitable for vegetarians

v = Vegan (or vegan option)
= Gluten free (or gluten free option)
= Contains nuts (unfortunately we cannot guarantee that other dishes do not contain nuts or traces of nuts)

At Maitreya Social we cater for the above dietary restrictions. We will try to accommodate other requirements but please check beforehand!