Starters £5.95

Spanish onion soup, sherry, saffron & Winchester cheese croute  

Brussel sprout tempura, pickles, sriracha & nuoc cham  v/g

Charred chicory, pickled pear, butternut squash & pistachio dressing  v/g/n

Horseradish & fava bean pate, beetroot chutney & celeriac crackers   v/g

Mains £10.95

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, braised freekeh, marinated mushrooms, barberries & za'atar crisps v

Hickory smoked cauliflower, heritage carrots, whipped tahini, grape molasses & crisp chickpeas v/g

Roasted shallot, chestnut & mushroom bourguignon, Winchester cheese, winter root gratin & kale g/n

Burnt leek, pressed bean curd, black garlic, kimchi & lime vinaigrette v/g

Pumpkin & local feta galette, beetroot & chestnut puree, pickled cabbage & glazed puy lentils  n


Marinated trio of olives & homemade bread £3.95 v

Chunky wedges & mayonnaise £2.50 v/g

Mixed leaves, balsamic & maple dressing £3.75  v/g

Roasted beetroot & goat’s cheese £3.95 g

Desserts £5.95

Chocolate brandy butter gateaux, Morello cherry ice cream & hazelnuts n

Passion fruit cheesecake sundae, white chocolate crumb & honeycomb g

Sticky toffee cornbread, stem ginger ice cream & salted caramel popcorn v/g/n

Apple & almond strudels, granny smith sorbet & almond brittle v/n


Service is not included.
A discretionary 10% service charge will be
added to tables of 6 or more.

Symbol guide

All our food is suitable for vegetarians

v = Vegan (or vegan option available)
= Gluten free (or gluten free option available)
n = Contains nuts (unfortunately we cannot guarantee that other dishes do not contain nuts or traces of nuts)

At Maitreya Social we cater for the above dietary restrictions. we will try to accommodate other requirements but please check beforehand!

Please be aware that this is an example menu and may not be exactly what is on offer at Maitreya Social as our menu changes often. If you would like any more information about the dishes available please feel free to contact us.