Forget Indian summer, Matt Woosey's sizzlin' blues bring the sounds of a Mississippi Delta summer to Easton. Join us for music, art, canapés, and a general knees-up!

Matt Woosey

In the smell of crushed grass-oil on paper-43 x 13 cm 

Teresa M Brown Exhibition

As an artist, I explore 'the space between' – that is, the literal and metaphorical space that exists between the self and the other, the self and the work, and the self and the wider world. My practice has expanded over the past few years and now encompasses painting, photography, etching and installation. I am motivated to create a liminal space in which an encounter can occur.

I am fascinated by the unconscious and the inexplicable. The action of looking informs my action of painting. For me, creating work evolves from a process of research, development, exploration and thinking that allows the piece to spontaneously emerge.