Hairy hand

Private View Wednesday 14 January 2013 6pm-7.30pm - Free Entry - All Welcome

I make pictures of animals, particularly bears. I have always been intrigued by the

inscrutability of animals. Their lack of speech means they communicate using other


In my work I try to show emotional states. Sometimes there is a narrative element,

and the picture holds a question as to what is happening or is about to happen.

Humour has been defined as the collision of two opposing frames of reference, and l

try to incorporate the tension suggested by this in my work.

I initially studying painting and developed an interest in print only after leaving

college. This led to taking an MA in Printmaking at Chelsea College of Art. On

leaving college l worked for a several years in London as a scenic painter and

muralist. I moved to Bristol in 2002 and was able to continue screen printing at Spike

Print Studio and later at Snap Studio. I am currently based at Centrespace Studio.

My screen prints are created as drawings using paint and pencil on film. Each printed

colour is created in separate layers and then transferred onto the screen using a

chemical process, which is then hand printed layer by layer.

Recent exhibitions that l have exhibited in include The Royal West of England

Autumn Open, Pushing Print at The Margate Gallery, and the Royal Academy

Summer Show. My prints are held in public collections in the America and the UK.