Exhibition September 2013 - January 2014; Exhibition open Tuesday 24 September



Gail tends to work mainly in screenprint, producing work ranging from large expressive painterly abstract monoprints, to smaller flat colour edition work and most recently monochrome portraits. The positive impact of colour has been her main inspiration together with the idea of journeys both literal and metaphorical.  She has spent a long time producing painterly monotypes as silkscreen prints, because she love the chance surprise element and then figuring out the next step rather than having everything mapped out from the start. The Curwen Studio prize from Originals enabled Gail to begin to explore the off-set oil based monotype process and she would love to have the time to develop this process further. 

'It’s rather like a dance where you have to be intuitive and allow yourself to move instinctively. I have also been working with oil-based monotypes, for pretty much the same reason, but the colours I seem to mix in oil are more subdued and atmospheric.'