Simple Vegetarian Recipes


Simple bread recipe

Makes 2 loaves or 6-7 rolls • Prep time 2hrs • Cook time 17-25 mins

Bread making is one of the most satisfying processes in the kitchen. The transformation from the raw ingredients to the finished product is incredible and there’s nothing as nice as enjoying fresh homemade bread. Once you get in the routine, you’ll never want to go back to shop-bought bread.

Sweetcorn relish

• Makes two jars

This is a firm favourite with the staff and customers at Maitreya Social. We serve it with the delicious veggie Maitreya burger on our lunch menu, but really it can be eaten with anything. I like this relish with quesodillas or burritos, bhajis or pakoras or with a good old-fashioned cheese sandwich.

Puff pastry recipe

• Makes enough for a pie

Puff pastry, unfairly, has a reputation for being difficult to make. At Maitreya we make all our puff pastry by hand using this simple method. It is important that the butter is at a temperature for it to be workable without being too soft. It’s very satisfying when you get this right and tastes so much better than shop-bought pastry.

Vegetarian and vegan gravy

• Makes 750ml • 8-10 servings approx • Prep time 15 mins • Cook time 2hrs

Meat eaters are often sceptical about the concept of vegan gravy however with this method you will come out with something to satisfy everyone. It’s worth getting this on plenty of time ahead of when you need it as allowing the time for it to cook is where the depth of flavour comes from.