Vegetarian Recipes - Desserts

There are desserts and then those that are a bit special. Be warned, make any of these and you may find your parties and celebrations over attended!

Treacle tart recipe

Serves 10 • Prep 40 mins + chilling • Cook 45 mins

This is a very simple and totally decadent dessert. It’s a classic that everyone will love. It’s always worth making the pastry yourself rather than buying it as the flavour is so much better. Get some friends round and enjoy this as an evening dessert or with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Passion fruit polenta cake recipe

• Serves 12

This Maitreya classic can be a lemon/orange/ lime or countless other Polenta cakes. Its gluten free, quick and easy to mix and can be dairy free. Substitute the butter for organic margarine and 10 to 12 dessertspoons of soya cream.

Dark chocolate, hazelnut and passion fruit truffle pot recipe

• Make 8 to 10 ramekins or cappuccino cups

This delicious dairy and gluten free chocolate ganache has a lovely smooth texture and rich mouth watering flavour It is also ideal to set as a tart.

Chocolate mocca almond pudding with plum and orange butterscotch sauce recipe

• Serves 12

This chocoholic pudding is a favourite at café maitreya. We make it dairy free but just substitute eggs, butter and cream as indicated for the full fat version.

Raspberry and ricotta cake recipe

• Serves 6

This delicious alternative baked cheesecake is adapted from a Waitrose food monthly recipe. The advantage is it's relatively simple, the disadvantage is the pastry is difficult to roll, a cool environment is vital!

Turkish delight

• Serves 6

This vegetarian delight is a little tricky, having taken us a few practise runs to perfect. The exact quality of agar agar is paramount. We also make a delicious Turkish delight ice cream.

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