Vegetarian Recipes - Mains

The main dishes here are perennial favourites, and seasonal ingredients (such as asparagus) can be easily substituted. The warm salad in particular is a 'desert island dish' and whilst wonderful as is, really invites your own experimentation.

Roasted shallot, chestnut and mushroom bourguignon recipe

• Serves 8 • Prep time 30 mins • Cook time 1hr

This dish is a Maitreya winter menu classic and is back by popular demand each year. This recipe is for a good dinner party sized batch as this is a slow cook process it’s worth making plenty. A great way to enjoy this is with some roast potatoes and greens or even just with some good crusty bread.

Pulled jackfruit recipe

• Serves 4 • Prep time 15 mins • Cook time 1hr 45 mins

This is a popular summer dish at Maitreya. It’s spicy, smoky and surprises a lot of people with its satisfying ‘meatiness’ despite being totally vegan. We serve it with blue corn tacos, rice and habanero sauce for an extra kick.

Spiced halloumi spring roll with roasted cauliflower and orange dressing recipe

Serves 4 • Prep 1 hr 20 mins • Cook 50 mins

Halloumi is delicious simply grilled, however this is a totally different and very tasty way to enjoy it. All the processes here are quite simple and the spring rolls can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge so this makes is a great springtime dinner party dish.

Superlite Spinach Roulade recipe

• Serves 10

This savoury baked roulade can be served hot or cold, it's delicate and light but packed with flavour. Using spinach means it can be made all year round. Simply substitute the peppers for other ingredients for example roast carrot in the winter or asparagus in spring. With its plethora of colours this summer one is a killer.

Super creamy asparagus and applewood smoked Cheddar tart recipe

• Serves 8

The buttery pastry gives this tart a beautiful crisp texture, making the cream filling like a custard, produces a real creamy delicious feast unlike a egg custard which can be a little over set.

Early summer crispy warm salad recipe

• Serves 4

We love warm salad here. This recipe can be adjusted to each season. Spring means asparagus, summer means peas and broad beans and gooseberry mint dressing. Autumn means roast butternut squash and cavalo nero. Winter can be roast orange parsnips, hazelnuts and orange thyme.

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