Vegetarian Recipes - Starters

These delightful starters are easy to make, and in early summer use in some cases unusual, but easy to find ingredients (samphire, courgette flowers) which never fail to please.

Toasted Somerset goat's cheese with bloody Mary salsa recipe

Serves 6

This nice local goat's cheese makes a lovely starter/ lunch dish. Halving the Capricorns is a nice size and the salsa is quick and easy to make.

Smoked ricotta terrine with caper and raisin recipe

This simple terrine or pâté makes a delicious alternative to smoked salmon as a festive appetiser. Its great served with toasted brioche or good crusty bread. You could also do a 'potted' smoked ricotta in ramekins.

Samphire fritters with fennel ceviche and lemon thyme dressing recipe

serves 6

Samphire is wonderfully adaptable. It can be used as a warm salad with, for example, gooseberry and halloumi; or as a starter sautéed with pickled peppers and hollaindaise sauce. In this recipe the samphire tempoura's beautifully. It's teaming with nutrients, flavour and texture and makes a great mission day out to go and pick.

Pan fried courgette flowers stuffed with goats cheese and pine nuts, Raz-al-hanout double couscous recipe

serves 6

This dish screams of July with its vibrant colours and textures and floral flavours.

A Mediterranean old school favourite, using courgette flowers should really break out of their fine dining image in the UK. There always seems to be a glut of courgettes, using the flowers is a truly rewarding alternative to ratatouille or giant stuffed marrows!

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